Latin, R&B, Hip-Hop
From: Bronx, NY, United States

Band Members

  • K-Xilo - K-Xilo Born Eduardo Garcia, age 20 of Dominican Descendent; Bronx Native
  • Dre - Dre born Andre Lara, Age 28 of Columbian Descendent; Bronx Native
  • Tory Papi - Tory Papi born Jonaty Garcia, Age 28 of Dominican Descendent; Bronx Native

About Band


Affinke - Bronx, N.Y. based, is an Urban Latino Group; this band is a 3 piece collaborative effort that performs all original material, along with a few popular covers remixed into an urban Latino trend setting sound that offers listeners a combination of musical genres such as Hip/Hop and R&B fused with Merengue and other popular genres of Latin Tropical Music Today. The all original sound is driven by their highly skilled production and song writing abilities. Their music is catchy, interesting, and is very rhythm oriented.


The group’s sound has been described as a new generation in a class of itself.

Together, Affinke offers their listeners combined musical talents from different genres. Their music is always catchy - sometimes going on a journey of love - always interesting, and always packing a new trend setting sound that is sure to captivate a listener to an overnight fan.

Currently Affinke is working on contributing productions for the following:



1)      Master Source 2)  Universal Music Group 3)  MTV 4)  MTV3 5)  Mundos



Affinke (K-Xilo & Tori Papi) also has contributing productions in many well known Television shows and Movies; listed below are their cultivated productions for 2008.



1.     Viva Hollywood


2.     Love Marriage


3.     Missing Pieces


4.     Hogan Knows Best


5.     Mi TRL


6.     America’s Next Top Model


7.     Best Week Ever


8.     Gene Simmons Family Jewel’s


9.     Top Twenty Count Down


10.   Breaking Bad


11.   Room Raiders


12.   Pimp My Ride


13.   Laguna Beach


14.   Mi Gente Latina


15.   E Entertainment


16.   Married Away


17.   Six Degrees Pilot


18.   Pool Party


19.   Seaside Ceremonies


20.   Chocolate Therapy


21.   Prison Break


22.   Sex In The City (The Movie)


23.   Cane




Affinke (K-Xilo & Tori Papi) has produced, arraigned and engineered many successful artist currently established in the Latin Tropical Market; below is a list of all their contributions.



1. Toby Love


2. De La Ghetto


3. Ricky Castro y “Soberbia”


4. Christian Skala


5. Ramon Orlando


6. Kalimete


7  Julio Voltio.


8. Hector El Father


9. Tito “El Bambino”


10.Nick Diddy aka Talentino



Dre of Affinke is also credited for his innovative song writing abilities; below is an updated list of Credits.



1.     Track #13 Titled “Shame Girl”


2.     Track #16 Titled “Dimelo”


3.     Nena Perfecta from Toby Love’s Upcoming R&B Album.




Sony/BMG Recording artist Toby Love



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