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Let's start with some basics. I'm 17. I've been playing music all my life, but I took up guitar 8 years ago and immediately fell in love. I started out playing along to all of my favourite songs, and then gradually started to make up my own little tunes. Just like everyone else, I've been singing in the shower and around the house for as long as I can remember, but it was 4 years ago that I started really getting serious about my voice. With the vocals added to my guitar, I started writing about two years back, and I haven't turned back since. The summer of 2010 though is when I really started to break out a bit. I added a percussionist to my live performances, Jake Hubley. To this point, we've played probably 10-15 shows together, be it talent shows, or acoustic nights at the local venue. Also, I was invited to be on the set list of the show "A Night of Romance" organized by True Colours, which went off without a hitch at The Bus Stop Theatre downtown Halifax. The biggest crowd we've played to was at a leadership conference and it was a crowd of 800+ people. (Also the most enjoyable show to date!) We've also just recently finished up a 2 song demo at Labour Day Picnic Studios, which we are incredibly excited about. Bottom line is, I love music, and I could not live without music. I'm willing to do whatever it takes to keep playing and improving my skill for as long as humanly possible. I hope you enjoy listening to my music as much as I enjoyed creating it :)

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