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Name's DJ NEMMO, i am from Romania, age 26 yo, i am a DJ, Producer, Remixer,
I've graduated University of Music Bucharest and i play violin and piano very well. I already have one job, but my passion for music doesn't limit to classical music but to genres like electro, house, trance, minimal, tech and all club area styles. I come from a point that I would rather call ZERO, and made myself heard through my music mates and internet, trying, struggling, striving finally to be what I am now, but i need more and more , I'm a perfectionist and i want to develope my ideas and put them into music, because my love for the music made me so hungry that i can hardly get some sleep (usually 5-6 hours a day). When I look back I realize that nothing would have me brought so far as I am know, like the passion and devotion for music. My ideal is to make people happy, for they live in the nowadays crysis (political, financial, social, cultural) and i want to make them smile, think of a better world and step in to bring a fresh look and way of living. Music is my language, as DJ Aligator (one of my favourite DJ's, among which I can also add Tiesto, van Dyk, Digweed, Deadmau5, ATB, Roger Sanchez, David Morales). And thus will be for all my life.
My career started in 2005 during my (music) university studies (well, I was so lucky to graduate a music one) when I experienced some ideas that i wanted to try out and thus my future musical creations came ,first through my classic music scores that i composed, and then i extended it to some software-made electronic music .In the next future i hope to buy some new equipment, more professional which 'll aid me a lot. My releases are DJ Hesit8 - Fusions/Breath EP (Fusions NEMMO RmX) @ PatPong Records and Rubikon - Telephone (NeMMo RMX) @ Substream label. I also made some remixes for famous hits in Romania and abroad.In the next future I intend to sign with more labels and be famous.

2006 - graduated National Music University, Bucharest, Romania - License Degree (violin performer)
2007 - got Master Degree , same University (violin)
2006 - started on my own PC music creation. I've worked a while for Intercont Music, (a romanian record label), i have projects to set up with DAW Studios (Bucharest) in the begining of the year and now i'm working for my promo mix and my 2 albums : NeMMoTionS (my own creations) and NeMMo'S RMX's 2008. I am going to sign up with a 2 famous labels and get my tracks on beatport/trackitdown/juno etc. and have many friends around the world and hope to make more from now on.

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