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Formed from the ashes of the band Shadowsphere who were due to sign to Killjoy of Necrophagia’s label but due to the collapse of the relationship in the band was not to be, Anubis was left in the cold singer less and without a deal worked away developing his unique sound and mix of traditional middle eastern percussion with heavy doom laden guitars and atmospheric sound and pounding drums to create the sound scape that was to become Fields Of Iaru. Recruiting old time friend and former 13 Candles band and ex Twisted Autumn Darkness vocalist Namaste the line up was complete. But sadly this union was not to last as Namaste left due to other band commitments and Anubis was left without a singer once more. Not one to lay down and die he took it upon himself to take up vocal duties and make it a solo project, Anubis had not sang since his early years in music way back in 1988/89. So what you hear on the recording these dark days I 00% Anubis. Anubis has a long pedigree of musical experience in the 19 yrs of doing music having deals with Nightbreed record (Nottingham U.K.) Cacophonous records (London U.K.) and Def 2 Music/Pro Sonic (U.K.) with the band 13 Candles, Fields of Iaru deliver a new haunting sound full of darkness and passion. Truly music to be played for the god Ra. Fields of Iaru are forming a cult following around the world via the internet by mp3 trading with their songs being passed around chat rooms, with a record store in America wanting to sell their demo cd things are looking good for Fields of iaru, the response from the myspace site has been overwhelming with fans world wide and now fans sites on myspace in EGYPT a place close to Anubis’s dark heart , the UK, PORTUGAL, GERMANY, SWEDEN, ITALY and one soon to be up for POLAND!!!! Anubis plans to take Fields of iaru on the road in 2007 with the intension of recruiting a couple of session musicians for live work. Feel the intensity and darkness Fields of Iaru bring into the world. fIELDS OF IARU ARE PLEASED TO BE WORKING WITH DARK ANGEL PROMOTIONS !!! May RA shine upon you The Birth Of Anubis….. Back in 1986/87 is when Anubis took his first steps into the world of music, He was a big lover of music and at the time Metal, thrash and hardcore (later to become grind) He also had a love for 80.s synth based music and Goth with some punk and alternative thrown in, but his huge love at the time was metal!!!!! Having no real interest in playing music not even taking music lessons at school it was a friend of his Steve lindley (yes its your fault my old friend!!!) Who got a guitar for xmas and said “why don't you get a bass and we will form a band”; and so started the journey. Our young Anubis and Steve only had a few practices at the local youth club doing The Cure covers before things drifted apart. We move on a few months later and find Anubis (or Moley as his friends knew him in those days) at a practice room with a local skate band called distorted in his home town of Chesterfields UK, distorted’s bass player didn't turn up so they asked him if he played bass and if he wanted to have a practice with them, of course he jumped at the chance to play. Distorted was short lived but from this came the band of Satan’s Green Wellie’s consisting of distorted bass vox and drums, the legendary 4 track recording of Acid death was born and played at the local rock club the Adam and eve. But things didn't last he was left one night in the practice room with no vocalist or drummer and no band, but being the way he is didn't give up, his best friend Simon was at the practice and the immortal words were uttered out of Anubis’s mouth “get on the drums and drum like napalm death!” this was the birth of B.R.O.S. (bestial reincarnation of Satan) and this saw our boy doing vocals for the first time erm well screaming lol, after gaining a local following playing a few gigs with local bands like dog soldier, worm and systematic insanity (who's drummer and good friend of Anubis the legendary nick barker ex cradle of filth, dimmu borgir, lockup) Recorded some very rough demos recorded on a ghetto blaster of all things lasted for about 2 years then with one thing and another things fell apart, he then had a short stint with local skate band scourge who had a gig lined up supporting an early Carcass!!! At the local collage. Well things again fell apart and out poor boy was left with no band and a bit pissed off, He spent a few months doing nothing apart from working as a stone mason and going to collage in York (UK) , he was then approached by an old friend Stuart Gregory who was playing in a metal/ rock covers band he had put together called Guilt, not really his thing but it was better than nothing and a laugh so he spent the next 2 years playing pubs and clubs around the area, Guilt started to write some original material but things went bad when they announced that they wanted to sound like Extreme!!!! Anubis went pale funk rock oh dear god and you’ve guessed it our boy was booted from the band, yet again in the bedroom wilderness of jamming to records. It was then that he started to get more into Goth in a big way listening to darker music and leaving the metal scene (which at the time had gone a little stagnant to say the least). It was his then girlfriend sally who lit the Goth flame within this is when 13 Candles was born and the birth of Dracul (the name Anubis goes under with the said band) over heard saying “I want to for a band like the sisters of mercy” by a certain Louis Holloway in their local metal pub got in touch with our boy and 13 Candles came alive. In the early days recording demos on an old 4 track and handing them out at Goth night at Rock City in Nottingham (UK) attracting the attention of Trev Bamford of Nightbreed records, playing a string of gigs across the country playing high profile gigs like headlining the legendary Marquee club in London and playing the very first Whitby Gothic weekend and appearing on compilation cd's he released his first cd on Nightbreed record the now classic Come Out Of The Dark, Anubis (aka Dracul) Started getting more into his love of everything vampyric and the band playing the years vamps and tramps ball in whitby, started to get media attention for it and interviews on cable TV, B.B.C. radio and in national newspapers got his face well known with the resulting interviews on Canadian radio and rtl TV in Germany and articles in American papers. this takes us from 1992 till 1996, while in the studio recording the second 13 candles album Anubis received a phone call from Cradle Of Filths manager Faye Wolvren asking if 13 Candles could support Cradle at the London Astoria theatre, un known to him his good friend nick barker was the then drummer of cradle and that the bad were fans of 13 candles well this had thrown a spanner in the works as they were in the studio the day before the gig and of course nerves made the session in the studio very hard.... And it was at this point Anubis was in contact with Julie weir of Cacophonous records in London (she also now runs Visible noise) and she was due to come to see them play along with sanraab of Gehenna,the day came but Julie got there late a missed the set but Anubis and his troops went down a storm and forged a friendship with cradle,, a week later Anubis sends Julie the new 13 Candles recording and then came a phone call offering a deal with cacophonous.things went up and up playing gigs and festivals supporting names like...cradle of filth, cathedral, the damned, alien sex fiend, Christian death, hecate enthroned, theatre des vampires, hawkwind, the crazy world of Arthur brown, lena lovich and the buzztonics, the stranglers, dominion, midnight configuration, suspiria, sebatian bach, incubus sukubus, and many (the list is long and you don't want a huge list of bands do you lol) well line ups changed and the mighty machine ground to a halt in 2000 a combination of side projects hassle with managers and record companies 13 Candles stopped and too a break, it was around this time that Anubis was born and a new band called Shadowsphere (the fore runner to Fields Of Iaru) Anubis writing and recording the material and his then girlfriend Isis on vocals, the sound was a combination of gothic darkwave with industrial elements with slight Egyptian undertones, Anubis had only just started to play guitar so the early Shadowsphere had minimal guitar on them and not complicated. After a while and a support slot with Christian death Anubis’s song writing matured and he brought more Egyptian elements into the band with atmospheric keyboards heavy guitars and pounding drums around traditional middle eastern percussion. Some gigs with brutal deluxe and a gig lined up with appolyon sun (tom warrior of celtic frost) they were going from strength to strength resulting in a track being written for their fave horror actor Andrew divoff (wishmaster 1+2) the band sent Andrew the cd’s and he loved them so much so a comic he was drawing he dedicated to the band, around this time Anubis was canvassing record companies world wide with a few keeping their eyes on the band, it was Killjoy (Necrophagia) who got in touch with Anubis wanting to sign the band to his label. But all good things come to an end a break up in the relationship with Isis and the mess left Anubis homeless with out a deal and a computer…..the year was 2004 with his life back on track and a computer!!! He hadn't done anything for a couple of years……... He found some old Shadowsphere tracks which where the last things he had written and was inspired once more and started work writing new material along with material for another project Blackened Orchid. So fields of iaru was born, recruiting long time friend and old 13 Candles singer Dani (Namaste) he had a singer. After recording 3 tracks with another 6 in various stages and a site on my space attracting some attention things seemed to be going well with an offer of management in America with a promise of an American tour but things are never what they seem and the management weren't what they made themselves out to be then in 2006 Namaste left the band due to other band commitments which leads us up to the present day where we find Anubis doing Fields of iaru as a solo project and planning to recruit session musicians for live work. That my friends is the musical history of Anubis

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