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Goddi52 is a young artist coming up in the U.S. Born in Chicago ill. Focused on not failing. Goddi52 is a bright smart young man. Often traveling exploring new things. Rapping got started for Goddi52 back when he was in 5th grade, often getting in trouble for writing songs instead of doing class work. As school got boring Music grew on his soul, it took him down a path of the unknowns. Goddi52 music is based on his everyday surroundings in the jungles of N. America. Having lived in different cities across different states , he saw first account life lessons and actions that changed the people around him.So he puts it together in his own craft. Following young men as himself on youtube inspired him to reach even further. Big inspires 2pac young Buck,Camron,Max B,Lupe fiasco,Twister,snypaz also Meek Millz,oschino,Young chris,King Louie, KtownGrowth,spenzo. Now there's nothing in the way of him reaching those successful goals.

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Website: https://twitter.com/settings/account
Website: artistecard.com/Goddi52

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