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Who am I? behind this painted disguise...
The question that burns behind the blindfolded eye-
An ethereal creation, a woman in her prime-
swinging helpless from this disastrous pendulum called time-
Seducing words into rhyme-
Caress the universes spine as I manipulate the mind.

To be blind is to see the truth-
For reality lies beneath the lies illustrated in my view-
You only see me in my physical presence-
Undermining my true beauty in my spiritual essence-
Which ultimately lessons my cool composure to aggression.

Much can be learned from disturbed minds, in time-
But eventually curbs ones enthusiasm to shine-
Like the caged bird, wings clipped, still yearns to fly.
And only a sigh, replaces tears once cried-
For like wells run dry, have become these eyes-
And apathy replaces inspiration for life.

Yet whatever clever disguises the devil hides his vices-
My mind now realizes-
The difference between a fork in the road, and a real crisis-
And still my spirit rises, like a soul from the dead-
Ever thankful for God's blessings and that heavenly bread.
Even as my thoughts consume that which others call doom-
My soul carelessly dances casting shadows on the moon.

***JayByrd 2011***

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