Oh, My Glory Days!

Oh, My Glory Days!

Oh, My Glory Days!

Indie, Folk, Rock
From: Sterling, VA, United States

About Band

Oh, My Glory Days! These glory days spent basking in nothingness, dwelling in my room, holding firmly to my guitar and classic rock albums, spending all my money on cigarettes and spending all my time on trying to reach people through social networking groups that might appreciate my music. Welcome to my glory days, oh, my glory days!

The Past

The first couple Oh, My Glory Days! songs were written before the music project even existed. These songs could not be accessed on the internet, nor heard at a local venue or even on street corners. One might've heard these songs being played sloppily and sung obnoxiously by a young drunk awkward teenage boy in the basements of house parties all around Northern Virginia. Most of these songs, pouring out of the bleeding heart of a lonely teenage boy turned into recordings, and these recordings drifted around the internet for a while before turning into OMGD!'s first release entitled "Love Sounds Lovely". The rest was history and the rest after that will be history after some amount of time.

Band Members and Affiliations

As of right now, Oh, My Glory Days! is a solo act. Everything heard in the recordings is done by Devon Jones in his make-shift home studio, though collaborations do take place from time to time; Lauren Maxwell sometimes makes appearances in the studio for random projects and ideas.

The line up for live shows varies, sometimes it is just me and my guitar and other times there is a band playing with me. This band is typically made up of the members of The Cat Magic Company or other musicians that I'm affiliated with like Moaxy Tribe and Lauren Maxwell.

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Website: www.myspace.com/ohmyglorydays

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