Pagan Ritual

Pagan Ritual

Pagan Ritual

Black Metal, Metal, Progressive
From: Oshawa, ON, Canada

Band Members

  • Jaron Broome - Vocals
  • Colton Wallace - Guitars/Backing Vocals
  • Andrew Chalmers - Drums/Percussion
  • Max Abate-Simmons - Bass/Keyboards

About Band

Pagan Ritual began with former guitarist Dylan Bedel and Colton Wallace. The two set out in January of 07' to recruit the new members of Pagan Ritual. Brandon Upton was the first member to be recruited, as the lead vocalist. The second member was Jaron Broome also as a vocalist. Pagan Ritual now stood with 2 guitarists and 2 vocalists. Small band practices had occured, but there was only one problem. Brandon Upton wasn't able to attend these so Pagan Ritual was forced to remove Brandon as a vocalist and give Jaron Broome the spot to himself as the lead vocals. Brandon wasn't completely out of the band, he was given the spot of the bassist of the group. The next challenge for Pagan Ritual was to recruit a drummer. The only problem was there wasn't a lot of good drummers who weren't already in bands interested in playing. All except for one. But complications existed between the drummer and the former guitarist. We had a discussion and finally asked the drummer to practice with us. After one song, a short band meeting was held, and Andrew Chalmers became the drummer.   The last member to be added to the band was Max Abate-Simmons.  Due to the access of bass, Brandon Upton was forced to part ways.   Max has become the fourth and final member of Pagan Ritual.

The next chapter of Pagan Ritual is unwritten, but you will hear the rest of the story soon enough.

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