The Ray Hendricks Revival

The Ray Hendricks Revival

The Ray Hendricks Revival

Acoustic, Rock, Soul
From: Athol, MA, United States

Band Members

  • Ray Hendricks - Vocals/ Guitar
  • Pat Patterson - Lead Guitar
  • Chris O'Brien - Bass
  • Dan Thompson - Drums

About Band

The funky, danceable sounds of Ray Hendricks' Revival, from Athol, MA, may be the most exhilirating sensation to hit the Northeast since Nickelodeon started showing re-runs of Welcome Back Kotter. Opulently gifted singer/songwriter/guitarist Hendricks is joined by bassist Chris O'Brien, electric guitarist Pat Patterson, and drummer Dan Thompson, all of whom are in their early twenties. The raw energy and soulful vibe embedded in the band's sound is highly contagious, completely addictive, and incomparable. Critics and fans alike struggle to create a modern comparison. Any number of bands may come to mind briefly, but the Revival has an energy that whispers influences from the Jackson 5 and Ray Charles to Stocknolm Syndrome and T-Rex. However, calling them anything other than an honest, hardworking rock band would be misleading. The band formed in Athol in late 2005, after Hendricks returned to the area from Boston, where he spent most of the early 2000's proving himself to be one of the most promising young artists in the New England scene. In less than one year, with absolutely no support from the corporate music industry, the band has catapulted, from packing small and medium-sized clubs to capturing a rabid, growing legion of several thousand fans. Now they're causing significant parking and traffic problems at large, outdoor concert venues, and forcing multiple per-day spins on commercial FM radio stations. Their debut CD 'Lost in the Year' had practically sold out all copies of its first pressing before it was even released in September. And they're just getting started!

"When four musicians have talent and chemistry, a live performance transcends into living art"- Michael Shivick (Pulse Magazine)

"In many bands, each member simply fills the role of whatever instrument he or she plays. RHR bucks that trend by appearing as a single, fluid entity whose main objective is to ensure that every audience member is just clamoring for just one more sweet note" - Michael Shivick (Pulse Magazine)

"His song "Train" is particularly memorable, utilizing scat singing and chugging chords that instantly resonate with the listener. He also is a master of varying his vocal style, pulling new and interesting variations from a seemingly endless reserve." -Pat Walsh (Bentley Vanguard)

"The Ray Hendricks Revival is one of the best bands I've heard in New England, and they get better each time I experience them. They do a lot more than just revive me!" -Ethan Stone (Recording Artist/ Radio Personality)

"Fronted by one of the most unassuming people ever to pick up a guitar, The Ray Hendricks Revival might have what it takes to hit the big time" -Craig Semon (Worcester Telegram and Gazette)

"There are a lot of hard-working bands out there; bands that aren’t in it for the money, and don’t have big blowouts over creative differences. Yes, some still exist — and refreshingly, The Ray Hendricks Revival is one of those bands." -Kate Czaplinski (Worcester Magazine)

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